Npn pn 2222a transistor datasheet

Datasheet transistor

Npn pn 2222a transistor datasheet

2222A npn Datasheet 2222A manual, alldatasheet, 2222A Data sheet, 2222A PDF, 2222A pdf, Electronics 2222A, free, databook, datasheet, 2222A, Datasheets, data sheet, datas sheets, datenblatt free datasheet. 800 mA) • Low voltage ( max. 35 C B C Min A B One datasheet 2222A Type ( NPN E2, npn , : E1, , B1, B2, datasheet C1 = 2907A Type ( PNP) C2 = 2222A Type ( NPN). PINNING PIN DESCRIPTION 1 emitter 2 base 3 collector, connected to npn case. What I don' t understand is the math for how to figure out the exact voltage drop of npn the transistor between the collector and emitter. Datasheet datasheet Identification Product Status Definition The 2N2222 is a common NPN bipolar junction transistor ( BJT) used for general purpose low- power amplifying or switching applications. SYMBOL PARAMETER CONDITIONS VALUE UNIT Rth( j- a) thermal resistance from junction to ambient note 1 250 K/ W SYMBOL PARAMETER CONDITIONS MIN. DXT2222A- 13 NPN SURFACE MOUNT TRANSISTOR: DZT2222A- 13 NPN SURFACE MOUNT TRANSISTOR: MMBT2222A- 13- F 40V NPN SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR: Solid. PN 222x YWW PN222x= Device Code x = 2 A Y = Year WW = Work Week Preferred devices are recommended choices for future use best overall value.

The silicon NPN transistor pn is designed for use with small signal general datasheet purpose 2222a amplifier and switch. PN2222A Datasheet Equivalent Cross Reference Search. Transistor mounted on an FR4 npn printed- circuit board. General Purpose Transistors NPN Silicon datasheet MAXIMUM RATINGS Rating Symbol Value Unit Collector- Emitter Voltage PN2222 PN2222A VCEO 30 40 Vdc 2222a Collector- Base Voltage PN2222 PN2222A VCBO 60 75 Vdc. pn2222a small signal npn transistor. DESCRIPTION NPN switching transistor in a TO- 18 metal package. NPN switching transistor PN2222A THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS Note 1. When looking at the flat side with the leads pointed downward from left to right, base, the three leads emerging from the transistor are, the emitter, collector leads. PN2222A Transistor Datasheet pdf, PN2222A Equivalent. The PN2222A is manufactured in a plastic TO- 92 case. Npn pn 2222a transistor datasheet. It is designed for low to medium 2222a current , medium voltage, low power can operate at moderately high speeds. Therefore it is important to refer to the datasheet 2222a transistor the exact part number manufacturer. NPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistor. 2n3904 small signal npn transistor preliminary data silicon epitaxial planar npn npn transistor to- 92 package suitable for through- hole pcb assembly the pnp complementary type is 2n3906 applications well suitable for tv and home appliance equipment small load switch transistor with. You don' t need an exact voltage. CHARACTERISTICS Tamb = 25 ° C unless otherwise specified.

General Purpose Transistor 1. 2222k hps 2222a 2222A 2222k 2221A 2222a NPN 2222A transistors: - transistor 2222a. Use dmy dates from July 2222a npn transistor The general specifications of the various variants are similar with the pn biggest difference being the maximum allowable current datasheet power dissipation. NPN General- Purpose Amplifier Features • This device is for use as a medium power amplifier and. silicon epitaxial planar npn transistor datasheet to- 92 package suitable datasheet for through- hole 2222a pcb assembly the pnp complementary type pn2907a to- 92 bulk to- 92 ammopack.

PNP npn complement: 2N2907A. 2V\ $ pn is a reasonable estimate 2222a for most BJTs in saturation. Replacements for the 2N are commonly available now in the cheaper TO packaging where it is datasheet known as the PN , P2N which has similar specifications except for the lower maximum collector current. NPN switching transistors 2N2222; 2N2222A FEATURES • High current ( max. PN2222A — NPN General- Purpose Amplifier. APPLICATIONS • Linear amplification and switching.

2222a Therefore it is important to npn 2222a transistor to the datasheet for the exact part number manufacturer. Datasheet contains the design specifications for product development. The 2N2222A is a pn Silicon NPN Transistor with 50V collector emitter voltage and 800mA continuous collector current. applications s well suitable for tv and home appliance equipment s small load switch. Npn pn 2222a transistor datasheet. SILICON EPITAXIAL PLANAR NPN TRANSISTOR TO- 92. Abstract: K27 npn TRANSISTOR 2222A NPN K27 pnp k27 transistor MARKING K27 tr 2222a Text: Power Amplification and Switching Max 0.

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Transistor datasheet

MMDT2227DW OT- 363 SC- 88) J- STD- 020C MIL- STD- 202, 06- Dec- a npn 2907A 2222a NPN tr 2222a npn- pnp dual NPN, PNP for 500ma, 30v 22222a 2222A transistors MMDT2227DW 2222a Abstract: tr 2222a national PN2222A national semiconductor 2222A pn2222 national semiconductor 2n2222 national semiconductor MPQ2222 PN2222A NATIONAL br 2222. Use an NPN Base Junction Transistor ( BJT) to drive high current loads ( like motors) using your Arduino. Download the PN2222 Datasheet ( PDF) Buy a PM2222 NPN Transistor from Adafruit or Newark. It is frequently used as a small- signal transistor, [ 4] [ 5] and it remains a small general purpose transistor [ 6] of enduring popularity. To make things simple I have shown a simplified circuit to make a transistor as switch. 2N2222A – NPN Transistor.

npn pn 2222a transistor datasheet

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