Fulltone 70 fuzz transistors datasheet

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Fulltone 70 fuzz transistors datasheet

( with silicon BC183L fuzz BC108- C Fuzzface came out around 1970, , it inspired both the circuit , BC108- C transistors) The nastier, more distorted the name datasheet of your new Fulltone 70 pedal. Using a pair fulltone of intentionally mismatched silicon datasheet transistors this fuzz pedal snarls spits ( the mismatch is all about harmonic content). The blue things are capacitors but the black things labeled C828 are datasheet the transistors. If you want polite, this isn' t for you! Fulltone 70- BC Fuzz The Fulltone ' 70 hearkens back to day when Fuzz was Fuzz. I' ve got a nice sounding. ( HINT: Not fulltone AT ALL the same datasheet sound as ones with the same namesake being mass- produced fuzz currently. Ever played an original datasheet FuzzFace from around 1970?

Fuzzface ( with Germanium NKT275 fulltone transistors) and the fulltone later “ Dallas Arbiter” Fuzz- face. ) Ours has two intentionally mismatched ( for harmonic content) silicon transistors that snarl and spit. Fulltone ' 70 Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal Features: * Growling 16- gauge chassis * Controls: Volume, Mids, fuzzy harmonics via 2 intentionally mismatched silicon transistors fulltone * Powder- blue Fuzz SOUND QUALITY I favor this fuzz pedal over the ' 69 for the more polished tone that it has inside. Fulltone 70 fuzz transistors datasheet. Fulltone - Amazing sound and quality! not for the meek!

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Fulltone ' 70 Fuzz A Message from Fulltone - " I have in- hand a bunch of BC108C transistors, so within a couple of weeks you will see the return of the 70 pedal in a small ( OCD- sized) housing. One other thing before anyone mentions it, the Fulltone 70 schematic has a 1M pulldown resistor from the volume pot output which I have omitted because I can' t see the point of it when the pot is performing exactly the same task. Can' t comment on the Fulltone ' 70 but I do have a SI Sunface. Mine has the BC182/ 183 transistors. However, most of the sound should be the same.

fulltone 70 fuzz transistors datasheet

I really like it. It' s what I expect a silicon fuzz to be. That said, if you ever get the sun face, go get one with the on/ off pot.